Monday, July 14, 2008

Reflux, lubrication, and stones.

Things are cah-RAZY around here! Took Little Piggie to the pediatrician this morning to determine why he falls asleep soundly only to start screaming bloody murder 3 minutes later when laid in his bed. Turns out....reflux again! Minus the barfing and weight loss, thank goodness. So, we're back in the Prevacid game. At least we're familiar with the condition.

My dad was out here last week entertaining Piglet to the fullest degree. So full, in fact, that they both required two hour naps in the afternoons. The best moment came when my husband left my dad in charge of both (!) boys for about twenty minutes because there was an intense need for a beer run. Dad was holding Little Piggie and Piglet wandered off to explore. What he found was the Vaseline with which I've been coating LP's bottom. Scooping out a big handful, he thoroughly lubricated his hands, arms, and face before coming out to show my dad his handiwork with a large blob of Vaseline clinging to his forehead. Needless to say, dad lost his babysitting privileges.

Lastly, I get to have my kidney stones blasted apart tomorrow. The upside is that I will get about four hours of drug induced sleep. The downside is that there is possible bruising, a side effect in which you feel as though you have been in a wreck, and a subsequent passing of said kidney stone pieces.

That's about all the update I can muster right now. Sorry for the random lame postings.

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