Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mama! Car! Owie!

Agent: Insurance Company, may I take your claim?

Me: Um....I need to file an auto claim.

Agent: Can you describe for me what happened exactly?

Me: Okay, but listen. Before you judge me, I'm about nine months pregnant.

Agent: Ma'am, that's really irrelevant unless you sustained injury.

Me: Oh. Well, just so you know something bad happens to your brain when you're pregnant. I have a very clean driving record.

Agent: Tell me what happened, please.

Me: I kind of backed into another car. car.

Agent: Was anyone injured?

Me: No, there was no one in the car.

Agent: So, the car was parked? Where did this take place?

Me: Um, in my driveway.

Agent: So, you backed into a car that was parked in your driveway. Did you know the car was there? Who did it belong to?

Me: Yes. I knew it was there. It was my friend's car. She was in the car with me.

Agent: [long silence]

Me: I really am a good driver! I just forgot it was there! Don't judge me! Can you fix it?

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