Saturday, June 14, 2008

It seems a week has passed.


Well, turns out I did a mere $2500 of damage to my car and $1300 of damage to my friend's car. Aren't you impressed that I could cause that much destruction going 5 miles per hour in my own driveway? After a week of rental cars, we both have our cars back all fixed up. If anyone is a teacher or has ever been a teacher and is insurance shopping, I highly recommend Horace Mann.


Cletus is really giving me a time. I know everyone says that every pregnancy is different, but good grief. These two are night and day. Between the kidney stones and the chronic nerve pain, the severe indigestion and the three trips to labor and delivery, this kid is way more high maintenance than Piglet ever was in utero. I have a constant, burning, bladder infection-like urge to pee and nothing is there. I don't have a bladder infection, but I have blood in my pee all the time. I think it is related to the piercing, radiating pain on the right side of my nether regions. I'm on an antibiotic until the baby is born to prevent a kidney infection. I've been placed on "semi-bed rest" to try to keep the weight off of my bladder and parts being smushed by the baby. It doesn't really help. All I can hope is that in 15 days this kid will be a super laid back baby. That is, if he lasts 15 days. The urologist wants to deliver early because of fear of kidney infection, the OB does not because it's a boy and he doesn't want him to have underdeveloped lungs. I agree with the OB with the exception of this chronic nerve/bladder pain. Pain as in, they gave me a shot of Demerol and Phenergan and it made me completely dopey and tired, but didn't touch the pain. Argh.


Piglet is a big boy now. He has easily made the shift to a big boy bed at night with only one incident the first night. (He got out to get Froggy and couldn't figure out how to get back in, so he just sat in the floor for who knows how long. I went in at 5:30am - was up peeing - to check on him and he looked up and said, "Uh oh.") Ever since then, he's slept all night. Today we made the shift from the crib for nap too and it was a little more tempting for him. He spent the first hour and a half looking at books, walking around his room, talking to Froggy and labeling all the kinds of trucks on his sheets. Then he finally fell asleep on the floor for an hour. I guess it will take a bit of adjustment? We shall see.


The house has sold. We close on both houses next week and it will all be over. The buyers had their inspection done and their super-professional inspector broke half my house. He tracked mud and grass all over the hardwoods, he pried open one of my magnet child locked cabinets in lieu of using the magnet to open it and shattered the lock, he broke all of the doohickeys that roll up our blind cords, and he left both fence gates opened and unlocked for Gus to get out. What a train wreck!

Must run. I just wanted to update. I have to go deal with my radiating pain and sit down to pee some pee that's not there. Cheers.

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