Monday, April 07, 2008

Is it gerbil?

Well, the good news is that I did not gain nine pounds this month. The bad news is that it appears that my kidney stones may be back. I wish I knew what was causing them, but my doctor says there's no way to tell without catching one. Uh huh. Let me just get the sieve and I'll let you know what I come up with. So basically, I need to drink, drink, drink more water to try to water down whatever it is making stones in there. I hope this goes away post-pregnancy. Or, in 84 days, if you're counting.

In other husband TOOK A DAY OFF OF WORK today! I honestly think this is the first time in the ten years I have known him that he has done this. Of course, he spent the day working like a slave getting the house ready for our inspection on Wednesday. As though we haven't been working on it for about two months now. "Finishing touches" the engineer says. Umkay.

I know we are one extreme, but it's the other extreme that blows my mind. I fully expect to see some when we go house hunting in Georgia this know what I'm talking about....those people? The ones who don't seem to be aware that someone - someone! - has in fact put their house on the market! They've gone to work leaving the dog loose in the house, the breakfast dishes in the sink, and general squalor in the living room. And usually, there's some sort of unidentifiable odor permeating the house. Is it gerbil? Last night's dinner? Do you really want to know? I just can't imagine keeping your house anything less than impeccable if you're trying to sell it.

The harder part for me is going to be a part of heading back South. It's really challenging for me to look past the country decor of the late 80s that dominates the style of many of the houses we have viewed online. If you kind of squint your eyes until the picture gets hazy, you can blur out the ruffly flowered curtains and the blue and pink floral wallpaper. The wallpaper borders get a little trickier, but the doilies and doodads bedecking the end tables which flank the boldy patterned (blue, floral) couch are hard to miss. It's distracting, all the stuff. I'm sure there's things people won't love about my house either, so maybe I should hush.

Anyhoo....that's a ramble for you today. Don't look for any deep meanings or clear cut themes because they are certain to be lacking. A happy Tuesday to you tomorrow. (As you know, it's always Tuesday.)

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