Friday, April 11, 2008

C is for Cookie

I realize that I am not the most stellar blogger, but some of you people have been slack lately! My little blogroll down there? There are rarely any happy little *s beside your names! It makes me very sad to not have any blogs to read. Especially now, when I can't stop making and eating chocolate chip cookies. You know what goes really well with cookies? Blogs.

I'm also just about to run out of books in my To Be Read pile. I'm in need of a new author or book. You can see the kinds of books I like to read along my sidebar, but I'll take any suggestions you have if you've read something good lately. Also good with cookies? Books.

Ice cream goes better with TV logistically. You really need two hands to do it right. Though we did not have time to watch the new Offfice last night, we did watch 30 Rock and boy, was it good to have it back in the rotation! Now if we can just get some Grey's Anatomy, this ice cream grubbing couch potato will be happy! Not to worry, I've got plenty of America's Next Top Model, Paradise Hotel, and Big Brother to pull me through. Baby brain is bad enough by itself, but my TV selections have got to be watering down my IQ. I should probably be concerned, but all I can think about are the warm cookies on my counter. Duty calls!

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