Saturday, March 29, 2008


There is a slight chance that we may have been living in Texas for too long. Piglet seems to favor Spanish as his preferred language. This is odd for several reasons. Aside from words related to dinner, we do not speak much Spanish in the home. Though we both took high school Spanish and remember a decent amount of it, one wouldn't think that would have transferred so impressively as to embed a language preference through the womb.

Piglet has learned turn all of his toys to the Spanish settings and favors this setting exclusively. Despite his decent sized English vocabulary (Thanks, Eddie, for the nerdy language survey with which I can track the unfolding drama that is language development), he has learned the word "uno" before the word "one". But, he does know the word "two" in English. So, perhaps we'll just skip count. Uno, two, tres, four, cinco, six, etc. That would be fun for kids, right?

*To be expressed with gusto, as in "Tequila!!!"

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