Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And now for something completely different...

Well, internet, friends and folks, the time has come. Where has Pigs been you ask? What has she been doing? There's not any good TV on what with the writer's she frantically trying to reach her 50 books a year goal? (yes) Has she been bogged down reading low-level quick reads to push through to the final five? (yes) But surely that hasn't taken up all of her time. Has her couponing reached an unhealthy extreme? Has she.....been found out by CVS? Kroger? Gasp!

Perhaps it's Piglet. Or Gus? Has Piglet run her ragged the last two months in which he has learned to walk (run) and refuses to be in one room for more than 2.5 minutes? Has Gus at last snapped over being followed around every waking moment by a determined 14 month old? Or is it something altogether different?

Clearly, she's been terrible at blogging lately. Obviously, she's been quite distracted and has mentioned moving to Georgia in the coming year. Buying and selling a house, moving beagle and Piglet to a new home....this seems like enough stress really, especially when you factor in Christmas shopping and the dread of flying with a curious, wiggly, chatty toddler in a couple of weeks. But, alas. Pigs has nerves of steel. Eight years of teaching prepared her for those kinds of scenarios. She's tough to rattle! Calm in the face of decisions! Sarcastic and witty even in extreme situations!

Except for this one. This one involves a lot of nausea, extraordinary fatigue, and a great deal of peeing. It might be called a little Crimp in the Plan to move next summer, or the optimist might see it as relief from the challenge of adult acne and daily pooping. Grandparents call it a blessing, friends call it a surprise. Pigs calls it "Oops, I did it again."

The only question remains: This blog already has a Piglet. Whatever will we call his sibling? Suggestions to be accepted until the end of June 2008.

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