Monday, October 15, 2007

Prepare to Be Riveted

What have I been doing today? Well! Wouldn't you like to know? I happen to have had one of the most riveting mornings you can imagine, thankyouverymuch. First? It rained all night long. It thundered and lightninged. (Yes, verb.) Our rain gauge overflowed, so I'm not even sure how much it rained, but I do know two things:

1a. I didn't get much sleep because lightning freaks me out when it pops right outside my window arch and blinds me in the night.

1b. I also didn't get much sleep for the second night in a row, thanks to Piglet's cold which has infiltrated my immune system and plagued me with Dry Throat, a condition which requires me to sleep with a shirt on my face. More details later.

2. The "small retention pond" that the developers built all summer behind my yard is suddenly a massive lake. Lake Pigs, we'll call it. It reached, then overflowed its banks, waterfalling into the awaiting culvert, then flooding the wee creek which carries the water away. Summary: it was a whole mess of water. (Or "awah!" as Piglet is now calling it. Would make much more sense if I was teaching him Spanish, but this is not the case. End digression.)

I present to you.....Lake Pigs:


As though that wasn't enough, the party continued! After being pursued by Piglet all morning, Gus notices that the deluge of rain has ceased and bolts for the backdoor, escaping his pint-sized shadow. Piglet was jealous and gazed wistfully through the glass.

But Gus is out there!

"It's not fair! Gus gets to go outside! Why am I stuck in here?" So, I took my cue, scooped him up, and made my way to CVS where they had to pay me 46 cents so that I could buy these items:


Cackle. I know you're jealous of my day 'o fun; I can feel your envy permeating my screen. I doubt you want this delightful little disease I've contracted, though. If anyone happens to have any home remedies for Wicked Dry Throat, I'd appreciate it. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, a prickly, burning dryness behind my nose. In my nasal passages, if you will. And dry eyes. And Piglet's using the humidifier, so don't say that. Oh, and the Wicked Dry Throat becomes further agitated when I lie down at night and the Nasty Mucus Lodging begins. Not a drip, no, no! A Lodging. Of a well-placed mass of.....well, you know. Boogers or something. And I cannot hock a loogey, so don't suggest that either. It would make me barf and I had a really good dinner that I cannot bear to see go to waste. So, get back to me on that, stat.

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