Saturday, September 08, 2007

Big Brother Breakdown

I shamelessly admit to watching Big Brother. All three times a week, it's recorded and viewed the same night. I talk to the players, giving them advice and game strategy, but they never seem to listen. I do not watch the live feeds or the Big Brother After Dark, just the show itself, and I quite enjoy it. Sure, I probably lose 20 or so brain cells each time I watch it, but those were my spares anyway. Who wants to know what I think?

Here ya go. I think Eric was an obnoxious dork whose claim to fame in life will be that he was America's Player. He was a good choice for this role, as he is the only one who would have actually thought it was cool. He and his eyebrow. I can totally see why he had the hots for Jessica.

I will not understand in a million years why she was interested in Eric. How is that possible? I thought for sure that it was all 100% "I'll kiss a toad for half a million dollars" strategy, but then when she was voted off, she said it was real? Some HUH? Are you kidding me? Shudder. Clearly, something psychological happens to you when you are trapped in a house with that selection of people. It's like her brain shut down and forgot what other men are out there. She thought her total worldly selection consisted of a forty something who dubbed himself Evil Dick, a 5'7" rodent with a wiley eyebrow, or a bumbling oaf with child molester eyes. I guess she made the best choice, but I think I'd just pass.

There's something very wrong with Zach. His eyes have that roaming, creepy quality that says "I'm not all here, but let's see what we can cook up anyway." Words seems to take twice as long to process - it's almost like you can see them cycling through his thick brain and then.....wait for it.....Bam! The light goes on and he gets it. I can't fathom that he's still there. Obviously, he was presumed too dumb to be a threat. If they'd have shared their brains, Jen and Zach might have been a good alliance.

Dick and Daniele...ugh. Sadly, they've played a good strategic game. I thought Jessica had too, but she got mixed up with the Little Shrew, so her game was up the creek in the end. Back to D&D. They're just so dysfunctional. They should've been cast on Jerry Springer, not Big Brother. On one hand, they make for good TV, but on the other hand, all they do is whine. Dick acts like a ten year old boy in a grown man's body. Daniele....argh. She just caaaaaaaaaan't saaaaaaaaaaaay anytheeeeeeeeeeeeng without whiiiiiiiiiiiiining! Her life is so HAAAAAAAARD! And I thought the Nick thing was weird, considering her boyfriend at home. I wonder what he thinks about her moaning about his loss for all these weeks.

Things I want to know:

1. Why aren't they showing the people in the Jury House? I always like that part.

2. Why haven't they shown follow ups on people from last year? I like to see what the losers do when they aren't on a reality TV show. This show can't help but attract losers because it has to be people who can take 3 or 4 months off of their job.

3. How come they stopped telling people that Eric was America's Player when they got voted off? Was it in case he won? I was confused about that.

I guess with the choices remaining, I would like for Jameka to win. I think she's been the nicest and is the most deserving of those left. Second choice: Daniele. I suppose. Just because I can't stand the other two. Your thoughts?

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