Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Begin Mini-Rant

Well, in reference to yesterday's post, I disagree with most people. Bunco is not exactly a prompt social event. There's usually close to an hour of socializing and drinking that takes place before we start playing, so I'm almost expecting people to be up to half an hour late. What bothered me were my two neighbors - two! - who showed up 5 minutes early. Now, if it had been a neighbor that I hang out with regularly or my next door neighbor or something, that would be fine. But these are two women that I mainly only see at Bunco or maybe out walking. The time was 7:00pm, which is also when we are trying to put Piglet to bed, so when they arrived, there was a baby bath in progress, Gus on the loose, and I was taking out the trash. But, whatever. I just think society has shifted from being prompt to being a courtesy 5-10 minutes late. I hate being the first person to get somewhere. It's weird. That's all I have to say about that. Rant over.

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