Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh wait, that's my armpits.

A note of appreciation to those who contributed their deodorant opinions. A special thanks to Carrie, who shared that her BO changed after pregnancy and no longer responded to the trusty Degree. This comment was especially reassuring. I will not get into specifics. You will be pleased to know that my armpits are quite improved with my purchase and subsequent use of the much praised Secret Platinum. The multitude of scents both impressed and overwhelmed my senses. After much hemming and hawing and hogging of the Target aisle, I selected Vanilla Chai as my scent of choice. My armpits now smell like cake. It's simply fabulous in ways I cannot describe. Each time I lift my arms, what? Who's baking? Do I smell cake? Oh wait! That's my armpits.

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