Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crushing Hallux Wound

I realize that it's been almost two years since the near-fatal event which we refer to as "The Sink Incident" occurred, but the lawyers have just gotten around to doing anything about filing any kind of lawsuit. I got a copy of the papers and will share some of the choice phrases:

1. When Ms. Pigs touched the faucet to turn on the water, the ceramic sink – weighing over 30 lbs -- fell onto her left hallux causing a crushing wound which required stitches to close and which resulted in permanent injuries.

2. La Bamba owed Ms. Pigs a duty of care to maintain the Premises in a reasonably safe condition for an invitee's use, including installing and maintaining the bathroom sinks in a manner which prevented them from falling onto the toes of invitees at the slightest touch.

3. As a direct and proximate result of La Bamba’s negligence, Ms. Pigs sustained serious and permanent injuries, has undergone great physical pain and mental and emotional anguish, has been prevented from transacting her personal and professional affairs, has incurred medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

My favorite parts? Left hallux, crushing wound, great physical pain, mental and emotional anguish. Love it. Love the drama, love the detail. Love it. I also got a giggle out of the expectation that a restaurant should maintain bathroom sinks in a manner which prevents them from falling onto the toes of patrons.

*If you are a new reader or an old one in need of a refresher, check the original tale of woe.

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