Saturday, June 30, 2007


Tonight Mr. Pigs and I finally got to go out to dinner as Eddie offered to Pigletsit for the evening. It was quite nice to go to a lovely dinner and know that Piglet was in bed, snoozing away. We had grown up conversation and didn't inhale our food. (Okay, I ate all of my pad thai and half of Mr. Pigs, plus dessert, but I don't get out much!)

Dining out, I was reminded of a pet peeve of mine: water refills. When I order water in a restaurant, I get lemon or lime to zest it up. It makes me insane when the waiter comes around every time you take a sip to refill your drink! I know service is competitive in this area, but come ON! Let me enjoy my water. When they top me off, the lemon/lime-water proportions get all wonky and it doesn't taste good anymore. So I've taken to slapping my hand over my glass whenever they come near me with that water pitcher. That'll show 'em who's boss. Yeah.

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