Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tough Life

Well, mom was just trying to help and bought Piglet his own little pool to have on the beach since he's too little to go in the ocean. She grabbed the last one (only $3!) and brought it along. Turns out, it's hot pink with flowers, so Piglet's having to really man up to pull off this look. How do you think he's doing? Have we scarred him for life?

You Gotta Be a Real Man to Pull Off This Pool!

On another note, Piglet's done some mean bonding with his grandpa who just can't get enough of him. My dad never got over the disappointment that my sister and I were not boys, so thirty one years later, he's finally got his boy and they are inseparable, even speaking a language we're pretty sure they are the only ones who understand.

Papa B and Little Man

Darn cute, no?

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