Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, we have departed rural SC, much to my chagrin....snicker. Just to round out the trip, I feel it necessary to illustrate the experience with a photo of my child on a tractor. That's right, my 8 month old driving a tractor. If I'd stayed there another day, I might have joined the natives and put some sweet tea in his bottle. Good thing I got out when I did:

Driving the Tractor

Now? I'm at the beach! Ah, sweet heaven. As I blog, I gaze out the window to my right at this:


Or to my left at this:


Last night's sunset was lovely too...


I type and listen to the sounds of the surf....the gentle squawks of seagulls...ahhhhh. It was worth three days in Podunk, South Carolina.

Now? I'm off to enjoy the beach. TTFN!

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