Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reflux may cause insanity...

Now you have to know that we're not real fancy people around here. But today, our local dry cleaner must think we're pretty darn uppity.

Last night, I was getting ready for bed when peals of laughter erupted from the closet where Mike was sorting out the dry cleaning that he had picked up. I peered inside to see what the hilarity was regarding his freshly pressed shirts, only to see this:

Only the best for this burp rag....

One of Piglet's burp rags, hanging neatly on a hanger. No creases. Light starch. A burp rag, laundered and pressed as only the finest, fanciest burp rag can be. This was fantastically funny, until I soberly checked the bill:

Exhibit B

To discover that I had been charged $1.99 for the extravagance of laundering a burp rag?[handkerchief....snicker] A shame, but it may have been worth the laugh.

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