Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Highlights

*Today Piglet rolled over front to back, so now he can do both. He is a champion.

*I bought several new shirts in my new boobalicious size at Old Navy.

*Last night, we went out to eat in a restaurant for the first time in five weeks. We took Piglet and he behaved like a fine young man. I proudly wore my new Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt that fits me.

*I arrived home last night to find that I had indeed also worn the long skinny sticker upon said new shirt that proclaimed it to be a SIZE M LONG SLEEVED item to the restaurant. I decided I was happy that it didn't have puke on it and got over it quickly.

*I find it ironic that in order to help Piglet have less tummy troubles, I am eating white bread, corn dogs, Chex Mix, scads of meat, and no milk. It makes no sense to me as it seems like this combination should give me tummy troubles. Good thing for vitamins.

*Lastly, if anyone has any easy, yet classy, bridal shower food ideas for me I'd be most appreciative. I'm specifically looking for something I can make a day or two ahead and will look kinda fancy, but not be. Clear as mud, right? So no pigs in a blanket or nachos or anything. Get back to me on that.

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