Wednesday, October 11, 2006


How is it that there are some people in this world (in-laws! COUGH!) who completely disrespect your requests with your baby?

If one says, "The baby has reflux. Please keep him upright after he eats", should one expect to enter a room and find the baby across someone's knees on his stomach being bounced?

If one says, "Piglet is really overstimulated [Pigs kindly does not mention that he is overstimulated for the millionth time from being held and jiggled and having rattles waved in his face], would you like to rock him in the glider? It soothes him", should one expect to hear the mobile, a womb sounds teddy bear, and a rattle through the monitors? SHOULD ONE?!

Recovering from a c-section? Not too bad.
Waxing my legs? Bad.
Being pregnant? Much worse.
Getting my house back tomorrow? Priceless.

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