Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Corn Dogs Rock

You know what I love about nursing? That I get to eat like a construction worker. I eat 5-6 full meals a day and I'm starving all the time. I'll eat a turkey sandwich, fruit, and chips, then an hour later devour a corndog and some candy. It's fabulous. And I'm putting mayonnaise all over everything. Oh, how I love mayonnaise. I used to dip my fries in mayonnaise until I learned about fat and cholesterol. Bygones.

I just tried on the bridemaid dress that I am going to wear on December 9th and felt very glamorous and superfoxy. It's chocolate brown and satiny-swirly and fitted through the hips and traily in the back. Really, really pretty. Being pregnant, I finally grew me some hips and in the dress? I have curves! Oh, yeah! Bye bye boyish figure! I'm pretty pumped about this wedding now, I'm only stumped on the shoes. December late afternoon/early evening Texas wedding (5 or 6, I think?), chocolate brown dress. What should I wear for shoes? I will accept any suggestions, as it is being left up to us.

Piglet is doing well. He's finally starting to gain some weight, though still not up to birth weight. The doctor has us supplementing with an extra ounce of either breastmilk or formula from the bottle after each feeding and I really think it's helping. He gets weighed again on Friday. I love the lactation consultant at the hospital, she's so nice and helpful about this weight gain business. I like her a lot, but I think it's funnier to call her a Nipple Nazi like my friend does. Heh. It is a rather strange profession to enter. I can't imagine fiddling with people's boobies all day, but I guess when you feel strongly about getting people to nurse, go for it.

What else, what else? I'm giving a bridal shower in a couple of weeks by myself and I can't decide what to do for food or games. And I guess I need to order a cake. (I always pronounce cake like Frank from Father of the Bride when it's related to a wedding.) I wish someone else was doing the shower with me, but alas. Punch? That's easy. Cake is the sweet thing, so maybe a dip? Some veggies? Fruit? I'd like it to be simple, but nice. Ideas also welcome here. I hate games. I'm really bad at that part. I got the invitations and even addressed them today during a Piglet nap. (Go me!) I haven't done any housework, but what's a Pig to do? I had to eat a corn dog.

I suppose I should wrap it up here. I'm trying to keep up with my posting, despite the fact that I don't have a lot to write about without being extremely repetitive. I need to be like Harriet the Spy and keep a notebook with me at all times to jot down ideas to write about. Thoughts from today might include the eight (8) poop blowouts that Piglet had, including one that left me having to wash the entire bouncy seat cover or the fantabulous, massive, earth shaking BURP! that exploded from Piglet's mouth into his dad's face a little while ago and left us both rolling on the floor in hysterics for about 5 minutes. (after Piglet was placed safely in his crib, of course.) So I'll get on that notebook idea. In the meantime, I'll try not to bore you with my endless ramblings....ta ta for now!

(Picture of the day: Post Bath Sweet Baby Coma. Can you smell the baby smell?)

So clean.

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