Saturday, August 19, 2006

Brief Prattle

You know, I hate to complain (okay, yeah right), but summer is just a bit too.....summery this year. Normally, it's my very favorite season and I love the hot temperatures and the warm nights and of course the opportunity for Vitamin D collection via sunbathing, but this year? Good grief. One might think it's because I'm pregnant, but pretty much everyone I know is sick of it too.

I am going to attempt some positives about this endless stretch of 100+ degree days and no rain.

1. I think most of the crickets have dried up and died. Baked, broiled, sizzled. I'm pretty sure most of them are gone. I've only found one in the house this week, and he was attempting to scootch under my floor fan, probably seeking cool air.

2. Since the grass is completely dead, I see my husband, the obsessive mower, a lot more. Dead grass? It doesn't grow.

3. Since we're under drought restrictions and only allowed to water once a week, the water bill's a little cheaper.

4. I haven't had to worry about the bad luck caused by having an umbrella open to dry in the house. In fact, I'm not even sure where my umbrella is.

Um...that's about all I can think of. Even our pear trees are dying in the front yard. They're losing all their leaves like it's autumn. I wonder if we'll have autumn this year? In north Texas, fall seems to be about one week long. After a cool front of about a month of 90 degree days, one day it just turns cool, the temperatures plummet into the 70's, all the trees' leaves abruptly turn brown and fall off, and a week later? It's winter. Presto change-o. I do miss the pleasant, lingering autumns of the Carolinas. Nice 70-80 degree days, colorful weather, my husband calls it. We don't seem to have that here. [Ooh - that just gave me a wicked hankering for some boiled peanuts. Boiled peanuts and a cold beer. A cold Bud Light in a frosty mug. And maybe some wings.]

Well, that's probably enough prattling on for a Saturday afternoon. Back to the grind.

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