Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boo hoo.

As my friends are gearing up to go back to school, I suppose I could let myself feel a little sad that I won't be joining in the fun. (heh.) I suppose to could regret my decision to leave such a fine teaching establishment and stay home with the Piglet. (snicker) But to prevent myself from feeling down about school starting [brief pause for uncontrolled laughter], I will use my Mad Listing Skillz to stay afloat.

Things I Will Not Miss:

1. 30 minute lunches
2. Crazy administrator who blames her problems on the teachers.
3. Standing on a hot playground when it's 100 degrees.
4. Parents wanting special privileges.
5. Lack of accountability in children.
6. Not peeing.
7. Packing my lunch.
8. All the work done outside contract time that I was not paid for.
9. Catching every cold and bug that comes through.
10. Squabbling staff members.

Things I Will Gain:

1. Freedom!
2. The ability to pee at my leisure.
3. Time to get ready for Piglet.
4. Time with the Piglet.
5. A chance to truly put my gift of frugality to use.
6. Getting to talk to and help my teacher friends, but not actually having to be there.
7. A change of lifestyle.
8. Running errands during the daytime hours.
9. No more chore-packed weekends.
10. A wee little Piglet.

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