Sunday, July 16, 2006

Picture Post, Part Two

Well, I'm finally getting around to finishing this pesky assignment after, oh....a month of piddling around on it? Here are the rest of the requests:

MommyProf was curious about me on the Best Raft Ever. It really is the most amazing water craft ever. I can lie in that raft for up to four hours and never be unhappy. I can lie on my stomach! I can brown without sweating! (well, visibly, anyway) This raft ROCKS.

Best Raft Ever

The MAN asked for something you can only see in Texas. I chose the Texas flag flying at the same height as the American flag. I thought this was really peculiar when I first moved here, but after teaching Texas history, I know now that Texas is the only state allowed to do that as they were an independent country for nine years.** Yup, yup.


He also wanted to see burnt lawns, but since it actually rained on the 4th of July, there really aren't any good ones in my neighborhood.

Carrie asked for something in my favorite color. My favorite color is green, but I really like green, blue and yellow together. This is a nice combination of them all that makes me feel happy and gooey inside when I look at it. It's also my plan for nursery colors:

Favorite Color

Ms. H requested the view from my kitchen window. She's likely to be pretty disappointed, I'm afraid:

Window View

Star-teacher wanted to see another of Mr. Pigs' body parts. I forwarded the request to him and he promptly puffed up like a blowfish, his ego took it so well. I assured him that I was pretty sure that wasn't what she meant, but the damage was done. I choose for another part of his body....his left kneepit:


Finally, Allison wanted to see my favorite guilty pleasure. I cannot, cannot, cannot stop making and consuming these cookies. I am obsessed. Between these and ice cream, it's a wonder I'm not as big as the side of the house. I just can't stop for anything.

Guilty Pleasure

Whew! Hope that was pleasant for all. This concludes my picture posting for summer.

**Breaking news! This is all apparently urban legend! (See comments for details) I am pretty excited about this new development. I plan to inform a lot of native Texans in the near future. (Sorry Katielady and Bubba! Knowledge is power - mwah-ah-ah!)

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