Thursday, July 27, 2006

A New Low

I have just acheived a new level of slovenliness. I've tried really hard lately to take care of myself, exercise, get a lot of rest when I need it, and generally relax. Today, I think I may have taken it one step too far.
After my jaunt to the pool and a two hour float on The Best Raft Ever with a friend, I returned home to have a snack and a rest. I munched on (what else?) chocolate chip cookies and perused my email before lying down for a brief nap and some TV time. I awakened at 6:00 and decided to make myself look decent before my husband got home. (1950s anyone?)
Entering my bathroom to survey the damage of a day's work (90 degree morning walk, some light housecleaning, a few phone calls, a pool trip, and a nap), I was startled to see something large and brown looming on my chin. A growth? A wicked looking pimple? A cricket? I leaned closer.
No, no....just your everyday chocolate chip slightly smashed into my chin. I hastily wiped it off and looked frantically for more. The rest of my face appeared to be clear, but there were tell-tale remnants on the chest of my t-shirt, probably from my nap.
After laughing hysterically for 5 minutes, I called Eddie to share, then lamented the fact that I had not taken a photo for the blog. I think I've reached a new low in slovenly behavior. Now's the time, my Sprockets when we bathe.

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