Sunday, June 18, 2006

Twalk Amongst Yourselves

If you use a Betty Crocker cookie mix to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and you mix in the egg and the butter and cook them in your own oven, can you say you made homemade cookies? Discuss.


posthipchick said...

no way.
but i'm a snob.

KauaiMark said...

Yes, WAY!

I take Costco SF style potatoe salad, add 5 hardboild eggs and a jar of sweet pickle relish and get raves for "MY" signature creation.


Craig said...

Yes. Anyone who looks down on you for it, doesn't get cookies.

suzy said...

you baked it = you made it. if anyone asks for the recipe tell them they can't have it because it's a family secret and it guarantees your invitation to parties :]

happychyck said...

I'm with posthipchick on this one...but it's still better than already-made store bought.