Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rise and Shine, Sailors!

I just wanted you to note the time of this post before you start reading. Perhaps it's the excitement that I only have two days of school left. Perhaps it's all the things that are swimming around in my mind that I have to do in those two days. Perhaps it's the Piglet, who seems to think that 2:30-5:00am is Retro Dance Party USA. I'm not sure the reason, but my early morning bouts of alertness are a new phenomenon that I have been enjoying tolerating for the last month or so. It's amazing what you can get accomplished at 3:00 am. Me? I just wrote some thank you notes to kids and parents at school, had a snack, and now I'm hoping to wind back down to sleep before I get up at 6:00. This schedule will become much more acceptable when I am no longer working. Good night! (Morning?)

**Note: 7:45am. TIRED. Off to school.

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