Sunday, March 19, 2006

Things That Trouble Me Greatly

1. Bending a fingernail all the way back.
2. The feeling the night before you have to go back to school after spring break.
3. Buying something at a store, then remembering 30 minutes later than I had a gift card.
4. That little pokey/scrapy thing at the dentist.
5. A ten year old with egg gas while I'm reading aloud and trapped in my rocker in the corner.
6. When a book is over and I'm all attached to it and want more.
7. The sound Gus makes when he has his anal glands expressed.
8. Gaucho pants are back in style.
9. Getting that nasty little chewy piece of gristle in the middle of a piece of chicken.
10. The fact that I cannot use self-tanner without streaking myself up and looking dirty.
11. When there are 3 things at once on TV and my TiVo makes priority decisions for me.
12. People who still curl their bangs into mall hair with the jelly roll thing.
13. Being hot with the covers on and cold with them off.
14. Trying to shave with goosebumps.
15. The lack of accountability of children today. (Can of worms! Alert! Alert! Cease this topic!)
16. The fact that there are now commercials in movie theaters.
17. When things won't end up in nice, round numbers.

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