Thursday, March 30, 2006

Highlights of the Week

Sorry for not posting this week, has been very busy. Here are some highlights:
1. Children are rude and have bad manners. I should not be addressed as "Hey!" and I should not be answered with "Huh?". An appropriate question to ask me is not, "How come you haven't changed the board yet? That's from yesterday!" in a rude, demanding tone. Did I mention that all of this was in front of their parents at Open House?
2. We had Open House. I maintain that Open House is the most retarded event ever created. It was invented to torture teachers during their personal evening time. Said torture is exascerbated by administrators who are too afraid of parents to make the standard "It's time to clear out the building; our teachers need to get home to their families" announcement. I'm just sayin'.
3. Said administrators should also not move a notoriously hard to get along with teacher from the favored team - which demanded that she be moved, because you know teachers are in charge of staffing? - onto my team for next year. Also just sayin'.
4. I have sliced my hand open this week and have no idea how. I also bashed into a desk going about 35mph while yelling at speaking to a student to my left and created a large colorful bruise on my thigh. It's dead sexy. I may wear a skirt tomorrow.
5. In the entertainment world, Gus absconded with an individual bowl of Lucky Charms from the pantry while I was getting ready Wednesday morning. He raced around the house while I chased him with my pants, bra, and a towel on my head. I cornered him in the front guest room, slid to a halt on the carpet as he dashed under the bed and got rug burn on my rib. After retrieving the sugary contraband, I stood up shakily and turned around to glance out the window to ensure that there were no witnesses to my display only to see 3 seventh graders staring at me from the bus stop. As I whirled around to pretend I wasn't there, my boob popped out.
So clearly, you can understand why I'm a leeeeetle behind in the blogging. My sincere apologies. I promise to catch up soon. TTFN.

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