Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Track Mind

You know, it's funny....when you're sick your entire world and all of your priorities take a drastic shift. Two days ago I had all kinds of things to be worried about: the state writing test on Tuesday, my two kids that have no chance to pass it, Gus' breath, etc.

Yesterday? Only one priority: expelling mucus from my system. That was it. That was all I wanted. Some thoughts that have filled my mind in the last 24 hours:

1. Why is it that the entire right side of my head is dangerously clogged all day, yet when I sit down to watch TV, it magically shifts to the left side?
2. The directions say to put the Vicks VapoRub on chest and neck, but if I insert an application into my nostrils, might it work more efficiently?
3. If I insert the Kleenex into my nostrils, might it coax the snot out?
4. How can I capture the steam from the vaporizer instead of letting it drift to the ceiling and be lost?
5. If I attempt to cough this up, will I just gag, or might I actually vomit?

Number four actually resulted in the planning, development and contruction of a structure that I like to call Pigs' Steam Tent. Remember when you were little and you used to build forts? Yeah, well, I summoned those skills of yore and my structural engineer of a husband and crafted me up a fort. It involved a fitted sheet attached to the top of the couch and a chair. I slept in it and it worked so well that I woke up with a pleasantly moist shirt! Now that's good steam. Breathed all night.

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