Saturday, February 18, 2006

Blazing Fury

I continue to be weirded out by living in Texas. This is a place where I think it best that you are born and raised, but do not leave. Nor should any new folks come in. I think we should revert to the time in history when Texas was part of a state in Mexico and Santa Anna got all mad and huffy and said that no more immigrants could come from America to Texas.
Yup. That's what I think we should do. After I leave, of course. Or before I got here. This place is so strange that it will make you sick. (Please ignore knowledge that I am already sick and pretend that it was directly caused by these following factors)
It was 85 degrees on Thursday, February 16. Eighty-five. Clearly, that's not normal. But what really troubled me was looking at the newspaper and checking the day's weather prediction: High: 80, Low: 35. Umkay. So, everyone schlepps about in shorts and t-shirts until about 7pm, at which point they add their rarely used winter coat and (as witnessed inside a restaurant last night) a fur-covered hunting trapper cap. Did you catch that I said indoors? As though we are in dire, Alaskan blizzard conditions. I digress.
So to further the weirdness, my friend and I went for a walk to enjoy the pretty 80's on Thursday afternoon. As we were walking along, tanning the skin, wind in our hair, the sky suddenly darkened and smoke filled our lungs! Fire! Fire on the prairie! We looked right, we looked left. Clearly a field nearby was ablaze, probably moments from engulfing our homes in flaming fury. We coughed and wheezed and pondered what was going on as we made our way back home. We heard fire truck sirens, saw a fire truck and an ambulance circle the block not once, but twice! Still clouds of smoke filled the air. We saw no fire.
Three hours later, there was still no fire. Do you know why? Because the fire was in Oklahoma. The freaky-weird weather blasted our 80's out of here with a cold front the size of Montana that plummeted us into the 20's with a change of sleet. With the front apparently came Oklahoma's smoke. And THAT is why I am sick. Harumph.

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