Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's Good to Know the Important Things are Taken Care Of.

**Advance Apologies: Blogger killed my cute outline format. I couldn't figure out how to get it back. Bygones.

One of my goals this year has been to have a better attitude about my school and to try not to complain quite so much. (Heh.) Well…at least I’m trying to focus on the funny things and avoid the negative things. So far, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job.
But I gotta tell y’all about this meeting today. I understand that there have to be faculty meetings, I really do. Generally, I’m a pretty good sport about them, especially when there are things that we just need to get done.
But, DUDE. Today? During today’s staff meeting, I had to bite my lip and find a really boring spot on the floor to focus on to contain my laughter. Do you know why? Let me explain it to you. (and I believe you’ll find that this concept ain’t rocket science.)
Our faculty meeting today was about the State of the Teacher’s Lounge. What follows is the agenda:

The State of the Teacher’s Lounge

I. Cleanliness
A. Janitors vs. teachers
B. Number of Clorox Wipes required to achieve a “no black” wipe
C. Action Plan

II. Furniture
A. Appraisal of existing furniture
B. Suggestions for improvement
C. Possible new arrangement?

III. Supplies/Utensils
A. Prior experiences with lack of utensils (group sharing)
B. Attempt to allocate blame.
C. Brainstorm for solutions
1. Possibility: Throw shower for lounge?
2. BYOUtensils

IV. D├ęcor
A. Potential color schemes
B. Flower arrangement vs. Centerpiece (contest?)
C. The Great Tablecloth Debate
1. Plastic vs. cloth
2. Cleaning solutions

I’m not joking in the slightest here. What I am doing is still laughing out my residual giggles from calmly existing through this meeting. This seems an appropriate time to point out that my team nor I actually even use the lounge. I think I went in there in October to get a Coke? As it turns out, three teams ‘fessed up to not actually using the lounge. A collective GASP! rent the air. This [shocking, titillating] announcement really blew the socks off of the rest of the school and caused an emergency amendment to the above agenda:

V. Non-Participators
A. Required to participate in shower?
B. Allowed to use supplies and utensils?

Oh, the drama.

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