Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today my kids took a big end of quarter test. You know what I did? I did my report cards, graded a million papers, got a flu shot, cleaned my classroom, talked to my foot lawyer, got lunch, negotiated briefly but frequently with Mr. Owens, wrote lesson plans for after Christmas and got to use email freely. It was quite a nice day.

Funny thing about the lawyer. It turns out that the insurance company has completed their investigation regarding my event and found that "there is no evidence of negligence on behalf of our insured, La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, to constitute liability in this matter."

Hee! They must have overlooked the shattered porcelain sink which fell off of their wall and landed on my foot. Allow me to refresh your memory:

Definitely no negligence there. They are being kind enough to pay my medical bills, but have refused to cover my (really cute, hard to find, Kenneth Cole) sandals unless I can produce a receipt. Please tell me who saves shoe receipts? I guess I'd better start saving in case anything else falls on me. It's nice to know, though, that they regret that they cannot assist me with my lost tennis fees or my lost wages. At least they regret it. That sentiment really goes a long way in making me feel better.

When I was 16, a man hit my car in an ice storm. I had some minor whiplash, but that was about it. I received $500 in pain and suffering for my injuries, no questions asked. [Sidenote: My dad only let me keep $100 and put the rest in my college fund. He said I only did $100 worth of pain and suffering, but I digress.] But this?? A SINK fell off the WALL and SMASHED my foot while I was innocently practicing good hygiene before dining in their restaurant. No dice.

No wonder people sue one another. I never understood it before.

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