Friday, November 25, 2005

Demands and Toes and Decor, Oh My!

It's amazing what you can do with a week off of school and no visiting relatives during the Thanksgiving holiday. Simply remarkable. For the first year since we moved here, we have no in-laws cramping my style during my savored week of freedom. It has been simply fabulous.I began my week in my usual fashion: creating a massive to do list. Ah, my love for lists is simply endless. Here's how I'm doing (because I know you're just dying to know):

1. Deliver food basket to Head Start for Sunday School class.
2. Go to foot doctor. Get details.
3. Decorate for Christmas.
4. Christmas cards
5. Christmas shopping
6. Wrap presents.
7. Con a friend to dog sit Gus for a night.
8. Sam's Club
9. Figure out where to stash various tons of Sam's paraphernalia in and around home.
10. Clean toilet where Husband can't aim.
11. Email insurance company for pain and suffering demand. Be brave and firm and demanding.

I'm doing pretty good, no? I'm particularly proud of the shopping/wrapping/decor bit. I'm struggling to find someone willing to undertake Gus for a night, I'm procrastinating putting away the Sam's haul, and I'm hemming and hawing about how much to ask for in pain and suffering. Still in the gathering information stage, I am unsure. Though my foot doctor wrote up a rather forboding account of the future of my toe which goes like this:

Status: Post Traumatic Injury Left Hallux
Patient demonstrates:
1) Chronic pain and swelling
2) Inability to flex and extend great toe without
3) Inability to tolerate any shoe with the exception of an
athletic shoe
4) Trauma to Interphalongeal Joint may result in permanent stiffness and Osteoarthritis.


Seems as though that ought to take care of bidness. Or something. I'm still plotting out exactly how to word my request demand for pain and suffering retribution. Mwah-ah-ah! On a more positive note, I think I may have taken one for the team that fateful night that a sink tumbled upon my wee seems that whist I was being repaired something of a match may have been made in the waiting room! That's all I'll say about that.

So. Nothing really exciting has happened this week! It's really been quite glorious. Our Thanksgiving dinner consisted solely of turkey sandwiches (deli meat!), macaroni and cheese, sweet potato souffle, and pecan pie. All the bad stuff. Yummy!

I've been home so much that Gus isn't able to get in his usual 20 hours of napping, so he's been pleasantly sleepy and out of trouble. He hasn't eaten one single Christmas present or ornament yet! This accomplishment is more meaningful than you realize. The lights on the bottom third of our tree no longer burn, thanks to one risk-taking beagle.

Which brings me to my next point: Christmas decorating in Pigs' house. It's not as easy as it sounds, and one must be extraordinarily creative to undertake the task of beagle-proofing their holiday decor while remaining chic and classy. My next post will concern Christmas decorations and my sentiments thereof. Until then! Ta!

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