Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Criss Cross Applesauce.

It's been awhile since we heard from my friend Mr. Owens. He's been going through an adjustment period in which his negotiation skills and persistent nature ceased to be nearly as funny as I found them earlier in the year and instead became somewhat obnoxious and exhausting for a bit. A bit like the entire past month.
But today he redeemed himself a touch, bringing an unexpected smile to my face on this, the Day of the Full Moon which curses all teachers and many pet owners. We were learning to score writing papers today and my class was exhibiting their usual enthusiastic-bordering-on-manic behaviors. [As opposed to my other class' lethargic-bordering-on-comatose behaviors]
I glanced up to see what Mr. Owens thought of the riveting story we were analyzing only to find him sitting perfectly still, Indian style, with his thumbs and forefingers touching in classic meditation pose, eyes closed. [please pardon my momentary lapse of PC-speak. I meant criss cross applesauce. Mr. Owens was sitting not Indian style, but criss cross applesauce. Sneer.]
I stifled a snicker and cleared my throat. "Say, um, Mr. Owens. What did you think this paper deserved?" He carefully raised one eyebrow and opened one eye slightly. "This one is puzzling. It requires a deeper amount of thought." He closed his eye and returned to his depths of analysis. I shrugged and finished my lesson. At least he was quiet.

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