Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mr. Owens Again....A Cool, Refreshing Treat.

Certainly you’ll all remember Mr. Owens, my quirky, laugh-worthy kid. Mr. Owens is not the most stellar rememberer of all things, particularly menial tasks such as homework and getting things signed. In fact, Mr. Owens operates so much on his own schedule that sometimes we wonder if he’s even with us on the same plane in the universe. Mr. Owens and I had a rather pleasant exchange today. What I appreciate about this kid is that he is a reasonable soul, it’s just that sometimes he has to have certain itches scratched. By that I mean, he has to at least try to find an out on almost everything. What’s charming about him is the creativity with which he conducts these tasks. He may have a future in law. Today he remembered to do his homework, however he didn’t complete all of the parts of it as he was instructed. His name went down on my dreaded “finish at recess” list. Upon realizing his fate, he thought briefly, then traipsed up to me as we began Writer’s Workshop.

Mr. Owens: Say, Mrs?
Me: Yes, Ethan?
Mr. Owens: I’ve got a proposition for you. How about if I finish this assignment right now, and you take me off that list of yours? [Leans casually on my desk]
Me: Well, I would certainly be glad to do that if it wasn’t something you were supposed to have completed at home, Ethan.
Mr. Owens: Ah….I see that you do have a valid point.
Me: [stifle laughter as he troops resignedly back to his chair]

That’s what is so funny about this kid. He cracks me up without the slightest bit of irony. He’s not trying to be funny or attention-seeking at all – this is just who he is! Mr. Owens truly dances to the beat of his own drum. It’s refreshing to have an idiosyncratic individual in my room for a change. Refreshing.

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