Friday, August 05, 2005

Four Eyes

It appears that I've reached a new nerd low. A post I wrote back in March has suddenly started receiving comments and a couple of bizarre emails. The post was about my new horrifically thick pair of glasses that I joked could start a forest fire. Apparently, that post has been picked up by some sort of Eyewear Discussion Board: Welcome to the EYESCENE. The discussion site with a different outlook on eyewear.

Some of their discussion threads include:

LensChat Much improved glasses-themed chat replaces the venerable hack formerly hosted here.
Those Girls with Glasses! Fun take on the subject is entertaining for GWGs and their admirers.
I only make passes at girls who wear glasses Databastard's site features a varied selection of screen caps.
High Myopic Girls An old favorite returns. Movies and pictures.

I'm all for one expressing their true geekdom. HOWEVER. I suspect this site crosses over into some fetish-ish ground. They are currently denying that my glasses could actually start a forest fire. I have received 480 hits from them in the last two days.


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