Saturday, June 04, 2005

You Can Put Your Weed In There, Man...

I am officially free of angst! Six days in Jamaica, generous amounts of tasty rum beverages, all of the nachos double cheese and jerk chicken I could eat...I'm healed. I think everyone should do this at least once a year to free the soul of negativity.

Laden with stories I am, about this fantabulous adventure. We went with friends and picked up some more while we were there and had the most fun I've had in a long time. It would be simply impossible to tell all the stories in one fell swoop, so I will cleverly think of a list of titles-to-be to pique your interest. Mwah-ah-ah! Help me with my title-writing skills by letting me know which one sounds best. Wait until the end of the show to vote carefully, not all stories will make it to print. The decision will be final, and only three will receive a rose tonight.

1. Death By Coconut

2. Public Naked Sunscreening: A Necessity?

3. What If Extreme Decisions: A New Way to Make Friends

4. Vacay With Ozzy

5. Rum Punch + Island Martini = Ace of Base Karaoke

6. Jamaican Bartering: Special for You!


8. The Cosmo: Not Just for Women

9. Kids? You seeing all this plight?

10. The Jamaican 500 (subtitle: Balancing the Vehicle for Tight Curves)

Decisions are hard, I know, but I trust you to make the right one. While on vacation, we had to decide every single day whether to float in the ocean or to float in the pool. You can imagine our daily duress, I'm certain. It would plague us for hours, but that's not all! There were decisions upon decisions thrust at us each and every hour! Rumrunner or Dirty Banana? Lounge chair or lounge float? Water ski or Hobie Cat? Jerk Chicken or Nacho Fiesta? And my personal demon: SPF 8 or SPF 15? Don't worry about us, though...we managed somehow.

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