Friday, June 10, 2005

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation: A Guide for Elementary Teachers

10. Read adult books. Enjoy not having to make up comprehension questions as you read. Try to curb the urge to share really good reading response activities with a friend.

9. Drink the actual recommended amount of water to nourish your system after ten months of dehydration due to lack of opportunity to use the restroom. Pee freely.

8. Make a good lunch everyday, one that doesn't come from a lunch box. Take more than thirty minutes to eat it while you do something mindless like - gasp! - watch TV. And not Reading Rainbow.

7. Email your friends with jobs during the day and let them know what you're doing. They always appreciate the frequent update.

6. Do your grocery shopping when all of the little old ladies do - mid-morning on a Wednesday. Engage them in conversation, they are interesting and like to visit.

5. Read all those forwards that your friends sent you during the school year from their computer jobs. You didn't have time to read them back then, but now you can even reply to the "Getting to Know Your Friends" forwards.

4. DO NOT TEACH SUMMER SCHOOL. Empathize with the people who do. Take them lunch on your way to the pool.

3. Sleep in, sleep in, sleep in. And even stay up to watch the nighttime news! Catch up on TiVo. I just watched the season finale of the OC and Desperate Housewives last night. I'm a little behind.

2. Let down the eyebrow. Relax the snapping fingers. Release your face from the Teacher Stare. It's all good now.

1. Go to the pool and laugh at the parents who are frustrated at having to deal with their own children all day. Giggle quietly behind your book. Mwah-ah-ah!

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