Monday, May 02, 2005

Uggs With Capris? Who knew?

Ah...lip has settled back into face. I spent my morning in a pretty extensive Benadryl haze, but at least my facial features have now returned to their appropriate size. Thank goodness that didn't happen at the wedding! How embarrassing to appear in someone's wedding photographs with a swollen lip! ("She's the fightin' one from the South!" they'd all whisper.) We were quite the only ones there from the South. I didn't realize I had an accent until I went to upstate New York! Who knew? [spoken with Brooklyn brogue, please.]
My friend who got married taught back home with me for 4 years, during which time I teased her mercilessly about her accent. Wow...turns out she just has a mild case. Ya'll...I think I met the Mafia! They might read this and come find me, but wow! It was awesome! Someone actually used the phrase "Fuhgetabutit" in a toast! I suddenly feel all mob-savoir-faire. 'Cause I'm sure that's actually a real thing. I drank some homemade wine that I think might have caused me some brain damage, but other than that, it was a really fun wedding. I learned some interesting things about people.
1. It apparently doesn't matter how cold it is outside, people wear the clothes that are appropriate for the name of the season. I shivered for many hours in my sleeveless dress and sandals, but I looked darn cute doing it.
2. I know this is a generalization, but people in the North seem to drink a lot of liquor. And girls don't drink beer. Especially not from the bottle. Them's my roots showin'.
3. There are people who carry a lot of cash. We're talking rolls. With clips. Big ones. A lot of those people also have gold chains and pinky rings, but I'm not naming names.
4. Strangers are really, really nice. Especially if, say, your ride to the wedding never picked you up and so you had to ask someone else in the pew who you didn't know from Adam for a ride back. And they squeezed you into the back of their Geo and let you ride with them to the liquor store. With their wad of cash. That was really nice. Sometimes it's okay to talk to strangers.
5. Fashion seems to slow down in some places. I noticed it when I lived in Ohio, but I also saw it this weekend and it surprised me some of the things I saw. First, ponchos were like the shortest fad ever around here. Lasted first semester of this year and they were finished. They are still all the rage in Syracuse! Of course, I also saw people wearing Uggs with capris, LL Bean barn coats with dresses, and chunky heels, so maybe I'll not judge them on their poncho delay. Had I but known, I could've gotten one more wear out of mine! Had I but known.

So basically, I had a really fun weekend and learned new things. I met lots of nice people and got to experience new things. (Oh, the wedding cookies! That is a tradition I can get into!)

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