Monday, May 16, 2005

Stats 'O the Day!

5 - The number of times I pressed snooze this morning.

21 - The number of times I said, "Why aren't your goals finished?" They were due today.

11 - The number of kids who had to stay in at recess because of lack of goals.

36,504 - The number of times they were reminded/warned in the last two weeks.

9 - School days left

11 - The number of weeks the kids had to read their 5 picture books and 3 chapter books.

3 - The number of times I stepped into the hall to take a deep breath.

9 - School days left

5 - Number of hours I spent in an ARD this afternoon (Texas speak for an IEP meeting. Texas has to be different.)

2 - Number of lawyers present at the meeting

4 - Number of F-bombs dropped during course of meeting

11 - Diagnoses for child in question

9 - School days left

1 - The number of glasses of wine I have poured. So far.

Priceless - The guy who I let merge in front of me on the expressway on the way home who toasted me with his beer bottle in thanks. Sometimes Texas makes me laugh. Sorry for the disorganized rambly train of thought. Cheers! (9 more days)

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