Thursday, March 31, 2005

My New Glasses Could Start a Forest Fire

These bad boys simply cannot be left out of the case! Imagine if the sunlight filtered through the window in just the right manner...poof! Up in flames. You can see that I have a tremendous responsibility as the owner of these beauts.
No one really understands how blind I am...I can't explain to other people what it's like to see at 20 feet what others can see at 1, 150. It's hard to communicate what it's like to have to hold a page of copy a centimeter from your eye so that you can read one letter at a time. Putting my glasses on at night to see my clock with the two inch numbers is small potatoes. I've done that my whole life!
Thank goodness for contacts. My eye doctor has just told me about a new procedure that might be an option for me (I'm too blind for Lasik because my something-or-other is too thin). The new procedure involves a permanent prescription lens implant. Hmmm. What would life have been like if I'd been born in another time?
If I had lived during Biblical times, I would have been one of those blind beggars on the side of the road, an outcast from society. If I had lived in the days before plastic and high index lenses, my nose would have fallen off long ago from the sheer weight of my prescription. If I had lived in the days before contacts, I would probably be shipped to a home to live out my days with my heavy spectacles, pocket protector and the other special people.
My team teacher was ogling the wonder that is my new pair of glasses after I picked them up yesterday and a student happened to mention that she had seem glasses like that "at the Special Olympics." Thanks.

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