Thursday, February 24, 2005

Variety Counts

I am giggling over my latest Google referrals. Apparently, the following search words and phrases brought people to my little world here: Nyquil nighttime sniffling, come to Jesus, snot, inconsequential sneezes, and wigwag. Who knew?
Wonder how many searches I'd make if I had words in my blog like ginormous boobs! or....well, nevermind. I don't think I want those people here.


Toni said...

Er...too late! You've already typed out those words on your blog :)

Maine said...

Hi. I was just on Google looking for ginormous boobs and it said I could find them here.

Haven't found them yet, but I'm still looking. Nice site.

heidi said...

I LOVE Google searches.
My favorite recent search was "Your Hot Mom napping."
Was a, um, deep sleep a little too much for this guy to take?

But mostly it's just people looking for Anson Williams. Seriously. I mentioned him once, then one more time and now I'm the official landing spot for Potsie fans.