Saturday, February 05, 2005

Some Things and Stuff

First, my big news. The announcement everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for(drumroll)...I, at last, have a productive cough! After a night propped up on the couch, again doped up on NyQuil, we have lift off! I am at last on the road to better health. Amen. Sorry I've been dwelling on my mucal state so much lately, but it's seriously all I can think about. It's debilitating.
So moving on! Valentine's Day approacheth. I'm really not much into the holiday. When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of the inevitable stack of heart-shaped Russell Stover candy boxes that will multiply on my desk, which I don't eat. I wonder how severe my migraine will be this year after the class party. And I wonder how much money some people spend on the event.
I don't even like going out to dinner the weekend near Valentine's Day. It's crowded and overpriced and both things make me cranky. I don't like getting flowers because I know how much money they cost and then I get sad when they die. So there I am: the Valentine's Scrooge. Give me a beer and a pizza and I'll be happy.
Next topic: yesterday's recess, a quick tale. The latest fad at school is BYOB: Bring your own basketball. When the kids line up, they bounce them incessantly right outside of classroom windows where people are trying to teach. Being the weak of voice, I nudged my teammate and said, "Make them cut it out." She took the job very seriously and bellowed, "FOURTH GRADERS! HOLD YOUR BALLS!" and then turned to look at me in horror. "Did you make me say that on purpose?" she gasped, trying to keep a straight face in front of our lines, now rollicking with laughter. Hee.
So the Super Bowl is tomorrow. I guess. The only reason I know the teams playing is because Ellen was talking about it on her show yesterday. My bigger concern is what dessert I should cook for the party we're attending. I don't really like to just make brownies because I feel that if my job is dessert, I should make some effort. Or maybe some sort of novelty brownies. I think that if you make the brownies special, say cream cheese or peanut butter or mint, that gives them a little something extra that excuses them from being just brownies. What really bugs me is when people volunteer for dessert and then bring a cake from Kroger! That is just pure-T laziness.
That's all I have to say about that.


Jim said...

Yup, special brownies would definitely be a hit.

Dot Bar said...

First off, the chocolates should be your greatest motivation for teaching! Come on girl! I'd tell you to ship them here but your "mucal" thing totally put me off. Also, I am surprised about your aversion to bought dessert. If I wasn't so darned cheap, I'd go and buy every dessert or whatever dish I was supposed to bring.

katielady said...

I HAVE IT! Symphony Brownies. A friend here (a fellow mis-placed Texan) introduced me to them over an Aggie football game. Buy a regular box of cake-style brownie mix (NOT fudge-style). Mix accoring to directions and pour into a big 13x9 baking pan (glass seems to work better, but whatever you have of that size). Now, here comes the twist. Buy a large bar of your favorite Symphony chocolate. Break into the cute little pre-scored squares and push down into the brownie mix randomly all over the dish. You want them submerged in the chocolate, which has the double value of you getting chocolate all over your hands and getting to lick it off! Bake as directed, but make sure to watch and make sure you don't burn the top because it will screw up the melted chocolate inside. Don't know how, but it does. For a twist, we used the Symphony chocolate with carmel inside, and it was EXCELLENT! You will be the hit dessert without even trying, and you're only out the price of a big chocolate bar! My friend says Symphony works best because the chocolate is good for baking (as opposed to just buying bakers chocolate squares, which can be expensive and you have to cut them to the right size) and you don't have to adjust the oven temperature.

Eddie said...

I'm one of those lazy people who just brings a cake from Kroger. Except now it's Ukrop's for us because we found a new grocery store we like! Woo!

posthipchick said...

i hate vday as well. HELL. ON. EARTH.

Pigs said...

Oh, so sad. Never bring the grocery store cake. Blegh.