Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Stats From Today's Writing Test

12- The number of pencils one child went through in a desperate attempt to seek attention during the writing test.

4 - The number of times Student A became publicly trapped in a snot-attached-to-both-nose-and-hand shamefest and had to request a Kleenex.

3 - The number of students who cried before the test.

1 - The number of students who puked during the test and had to leave.

4 - The number of times I gave out a wet papertowel as a remedy to an ailment just to keep a kid taking the test. Wet papertowels cure anything from a rash to homesickness in 4th grade.

2 - The number of kids who leaned just a leeeeetle too far back in their chairs and toppled over during the test.

2 - The number of those toppling kids who were Stifler.

1,678,439 - The number of pieces of popcorn on my floor at the conclusion of the test.

3 - The number of trash cans that I filled cleaning up after TAKSfest 2005.

84 - The temperature today. The day when our kids can't have recess. Yep.

5 - The number of students who had to stay after school to finish said test.

0 - The number of times anyone offered to bring me lunch today.

1 - The number of times I went to the bathroom today.

57 - The number of times I uttered the phrase: "I can only answer questions about the directions, you'll just have to try your best," per my instruction manual.

6 - The number of times that FreakyWeird Kid called me over to tell me that he could "feel his hair on the inside" and that he thought he should go to the nurse.

23 - The number of times I had to redirect my ADHD kid who is allegedly "on meds now" to work on his test. He spent the day driving candy bars around on his desk and staring at close range at his pencil tip.

1 - The number of margaritas I drank after school today.

5 - The number of hours our overtested students have to remain absolutely silent tomorrow while the 5th graders take their test. Riiiiiiiiiiiight...

70 - The percent chance of rain tomorrow which will keep us from taking our kids who sat for 8 hours today outside.

5 - The percent of me that is excited about going to work tomorrow. Yay!


GuusjeM said...

We set a new record for kids staying late to finish THE TEST. At least the prompt was decent this year. Sure you don't want to transfer to my school? Those of us who didn't teach 4th grade brough breakfast and lunch for the 4th grade team. And they got bathroom breaks and a duty free lunch.

katielady said...

Pray for my Mama with her 5th graders tomorrow....

I would have had about 5 margaritas.

Meredith said...

On the upside, at least it's over! :) That's got to feel good. For you and the kids.

And I agree with katielady, more margaritas are certainly required. You should remedy that this weekend perhaps.

Mad Hatter said...

i gave THE TEST today as well. isn't it fun? my kids were obsessed with sharpening their pencils to a fine point every five seconds. secretly, i think they just liked it that i sharpened the pencils for them. blah!

Mags said...

Only one margarita? It sounds like you needed a lot more than one.

greywar said...

I also would vote for more and/or larger maragaritas....

FunkyB said...

Something is wrong with your numbers...

One margarita?

GuusjeM said...

I forwarded your post re. THE TEST to my 4th grade teachers - they loved it!