Monday, January 10, 2005

Thoughts from a very tiring day.

1. How is it that you can go into Target for a birthday card and come out $85 later?
2. Why is it that whenever I have to use the restroom at work, someone else has just taken a stinky?
3. How is it possible for a child to be so smart and a parent to be so stupid? Yet the stupid parent spends copious amounts of their own time trying to make excuses for all of the work that their smart child did not do?
4. Why must Gus try to eat all the rabbits in the neighborhood?
5. Why must Texas weather oscillate from the 70's to the 30's every 3-5 days?


Anonymous said...

I not sure but when you figure it out, let me know..

Rattl'n along said...

It has been said that if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes.

They say that we don't have 4 seasons in Texas, I disagree. We have had spring, summer, fall and winter all this week.

Hope you grow to love Texas.

Keep the marbles moving,

katielady said...

Target is a trap. I used to go every Friday, "just to pick up a few things we need around the house," and end up coming home with a trunk-full. The pocket-book is much happier now that there are no Target's within walking distance (you have to go to one of the outer bouroughs, GASP), but sadly, Katie is needing a Target fix! Please, can I live vicariously through your Target shopping?

The weather in NYC this week is very Texas-like, with about a 20 degree offset in temperature. It's supposed to be 60 on Thurs., then 20 on Sat. Yes, that's the high temperature. Right now it's 35. Makes me, and my sinus', crazy. I empathize, my dear!

Jayne said...

1. $85 at Target is probably the average!
2. Why is it everytime you want to take a stinky someone else walks in?
3. can't kids.
4. Save the rabbits; eat chicken!
5. Texas weather sounds a lot like Wisconsin's.