Saturday, January 08, 2005

Things Worth Paying For

I read on someone else's blog about their dog being ready for an anal gland expression, a delightful little treat that Gus has undergone about every 3 months when he starts dragging it around on the carpet to scratch. This triggered my thought that there are some things in life that are absolutely worth paying for.
I am possibly one of the cheapest, most frugal people my age, despite my unrelenting quest for clothes and purses. (All must be on sale, the best outfits are great brands on a supercheap knockdown sale. It's a sickness, I really get a high off of saving money.) The point is that even I, The Parsimonious Ginster, agree that there are some things worth paying someone to do. There are also some things that you mustn't ever buy generic.
Here are a few worth paying for:
  • Anal gland expression on dog. (They mentioned once that I could do it at home for free. I already clean the dog's ears, brush his teeth, and clip his nails. Let us draw the line somewhere sane.)
  • Staining and sealing the fence. Two people did the front and back of ours, which involves fighting through a jungle of vines and snake-ridden brush along the edge of a corn field, for $225 in under two hours. If I hadn't coughed up that money, I would have been enlisted to assist and I simply don't do manual labor. It would not have been completed in under two hours.
  • Bounty papertowels
  • Cottonelle toilet paper
  • Real Coke. Never, ever skimp on real Coke. Never buy anything labeled "cola."
  • Peanut Butter
  • Professional Carpet Cleaning. We used to do this ourselves, with sketchy results and copious labor.

That's all that come to mind right now. I'm really pretty cheap. It's a sickness. But hey! I just figured out how to put a cute little counter on my blog. Aren't you impressed? And don't you like how it' s sponsored by a toothbrush? And that made it free! Good way to wrap up this cheap post.


Eddie said...

tampons, toothpaste, toohbrushes, face soap, shower gel, face lotion, chicken breasts

Mooley said...

You must not skimp on cheese. only real cheese made from real milk fat from real cows (who eat real grass).

katielady said...

Steak. Definitely steak. Not something to skimp on. I'm not saying pay an arm and a leg for one, but don't get a cheap one. You will pay in more ways than one.

Oh, and birth control. Not a time to skimp, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Bounty? Have you ever tried Viva? They are the Chanel Glossimer of paper towels. They are worth paying for.