Sunday, January 16, 2005

Things That Deserve Their Patent

1. That lint roller that's basically made up of big pieces of masking tape wound around a roller. Critical for a dog owner.
2. The Clorox Bleach Pen. Bleaches away all untended mold issues in shower if one should happen to be afflicted with these. (not me, of course)
3. The conditioner that comes with Feria hair dye. I no longer dye my hair, but I am fortunate that Steph only uses a wee bit of it and then passes it along to me. It calms down my mane to guarantee me a good hair day.
4. The Ear Bud. 'Nuf said. Can do all my chores while mom is on the line. (:o) Hi mom!)
5. TiVo! I'm not entirely sure how I lived without it in my former life.


panthergirl said...

Yep!! I posted something similar:

(can't figure out how to put a link here)

Anonymous said...

We have had TiVo for a little over a year and I am SO addicted! It's wonderful not to have to rush home to see my favorite shows.

I have no idea how I managed without it!


Jen said...

I use the lint brush everywhere. It works great on upholstery as well! It seems those stubborn little beagle hairs are forever ingrained in the fabric of my couch, but the lint brush is the trick!

wanda said...

I had my ear bud first so I could do chores while talking to you :). Love you!