Thursday, January 06, 2005


Your school district needs to re-evaluate a few things. Who decides the
'policy?' Aren't most administrators ex-teachers? What are they thinking?

Aw...sweet Katie. What a lovely thought: administrators who understand the job of those they supervise. Some administrators are indeed ex-teachers. In fact, most of them were such "solid" ex-teachers that they were "encouraged" to head for administration. I don't think that's true in all districts, but mine seems to use the program as a way to funnel out the ineffective teachers. Not always! But lots. Our central office is a scary collection of people with a lot of degrees and no sense. OH, and in answer to your other question, they aren't thinking. That's not part of the job description.

Anyhoo. No news to deliver today. The checkbooks were a big hit. Something bizarre happened to the weather and the high today was only 34 degrees. I think it was winter. We had inside recess for the fourth day in a row, which makes me want to put my head in a blender. Then I had to play tennis in said 34 degree weather. I lost. I blame my numb appendages. PLUS! Someone called my cell during the game, a Raleigh area code, and didn't leave a message. Don't know the number. Then I got home and they had called here too! Who called me?

I have a mail/phone fixation. It's genetic - my mom calls it her family's gene. But I justLOVE to get mail. Even bills. I just like to check the mail. In the summer when I'm home, I check my email compulsively all day. So this blog-gig? Just wait. Next summer, it's going to be explosive. I'll fill you in on every detail of my day. And it will be riveting, I can assure you.

This Orthopaedic Associates of North Texas appointment card is leering at me. I am still perplexed about the situation. I haven't gotten home before 5:00 since the day of The Public Shaming, so I haven't called them to cancel or otherwise. Maybe I'll mail them some poop. That's a strategy I kick around a lot when I'm angry.

Well, sorry to be boring today, but I must dash. My 11,457 steps I've taken today have really taken a toll. (Our school gave us pedometers and mine has turned me into a bigger nerd than usual.) Ta ta!


Meredith said...

I'm completely envious of your pedometer--I want one!!!

By the way, I'm the same way about email as you are about mail. Sadly, I'm on the computer all day anymore so I check my mail as soon as it beeps to tell me that I have a new message.

Dex said...

okay, compulsively checking the mailbox all day when you know the postman only comes by once is kinda funny <giggle>

But I had to turn off all email notifications, because I too would go scurrying with my mouse, dropping everything and anything I was working on, just to see who sent me an email. I'm still pretty quick on the draw, but that's because I constantly check my Yahoo! email, hoping I get something beside the work-related lists that I subscribe to.

Did you know the average American walks only about 2500 steps a day? We watched Super Size Me last night. I'm scared off fast food (but then again, I already was, pretty much), and Steph isn't having any more Yogurt Parfaits!

s said...

when i lived in allen,tx there was 300 other people in town. i hated my 2nd and 3rd grade teacher--she had both grades in the same room--she told me that my little sister would be in the room with me the next year , because i would still be in her room , and i was and sister sat on the 2nd grade side of the room. i would still be there if my mother had not moved us to dallas, mother became ROSEIE THE RIVETER in an aircraft factory. sister never did make it into the same grade i was in.

Pigs said...

There seems to be a belief that I check my MAIL multiple times a day. I'm not that crazy, I know it only comes once. And Gus alerts me when the mail lady drives up. I check my E-MAIL compulsively. :o) Don't make me crazier than I am!