Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I watch Days of Our Lives. Every day. And I started watching in the fourth grade. Back then, it wasn't a regular addictive situation, I would just go to my friend Dana's house and watch it with her sister Marisa who was SIXTEEN(!). It was clearly a cool thing to do. Then I got a VCR in about ninth grade and it's been downhill ever since. I think that I have lost a considerable amount of brain cells and some logic in dealing with reality. It's so odd that in our real lives, when people die, they never come back! And when you get married, you aren't "kinda" related to that person already.
When reality TV came out, I must have been trying to get away from the ridiculous nature that is a soap opera, because I began to watch waaaay too much of that too. Except I think all the years of Days must have impaired my ability to choose quality television. I confess that I watch High School Reunion. I'm taking a stand this season and not watching another season of the Bachelor. Or Survivor. Nope. Not doing it. Except Steph just told me that the Bachelorette seems to be pretty good this season. But no Survivor! No sirree Bob. I'm taking a stand on this matter.
On a similar loser-ish note, a friend of mine who shall remain nameless, discovered a forum completely devoted to the discussion of the Babysitter's Club books, another fixation I had for an extended period of time. Guess who spent a good 30 minutes there?
So, I'm a dork. I tell my students I'm a dork all the time and they immediately hurry to assure me that I'm not, that I'm in fact very cool. [This is not particularly reassuring when I'm up against a bunch of middle-aged, apple jumper-wearing goobers.] What they don't understand is that I'm content in my dorkdom! I embrace it. I'm a relatively well-rounded person. I look fairly normal, I can swim and play tennis, I can cook. I'm just a happy-go-lucky dork.


Eddie said...

I LOVE the Babysitters Club! Sweet Valley High is almost as good but not quite.

Anonymous said...

have you seen Garnie's blog yet? (giggles)


Garnet said...

LOL! That's hilarious. I love how you describe how you've lost brain cells and some logic in dealing with reality! I am so with ya, sister! I have freaking dreams about Shawn and Belle or Sami and Lukas! It's sick and twisted!
But it's so insanely fun and now I am glad I have found you and Christine to discuss it know where to find me and now I'm adding you to my blogroll! :)


Garnet said...

Oh, and for the record, I too loved the Babysitters Club Book! I will not allow myself to follow your link to that forum for I will get re-hooked! But when I used to read them, I totally wanted to start my own club like that. I still remember the feeling it gave me to read about the stuff they'd do with the kids or trying to organize the money they made and stuff.

Did ya read Sweet Valley High too?

I won't watch reality TV myself...but my therapist (of all people!) got me watching Desperate Housewives now! Jeeeesh!

katielady said...

Sweet Valley High!? What about Sweet Valley Twins?! That was WAY better than Sweet Valley High! I was a Babysitters Club reader, too. I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on. Still do. Back then it made you a dork. Now as an adult, it makes you 'well read.' However, I read novels, not non-fiction, so does that still make me well read?

No reality tv for me, though! Clearly, I'm too busy reading my fiction to watch 'reality!'

Ginny, can I be in your dork club?

Rebecca Lynn said...

Thanks for giving me something else to do at work... Ive only read three posts on the Baby Sitters Club forum (while I was waiting for this comment page to come up) and I already know that I now have a new time-passer (waster?).

Anonymous said...

er..does anyone watch Amazing Race and totally detest Jon the entrepeneur?