Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Foods I Refuse to Eat (for the record)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and my husband who won't eat anything, I have carefully thought through my list of foods I simply won't eat. There are only 6 things on it, far fewer than what would be on Mike's. I don't think you earn the right to refuse to eat a food unless you've tried it.

1. green peppers (I want very much to like them. I keep trying, but I just can't)
2. radishes (blegh)
3. beef jerky (nasty concept)
4. collard greens (taste like mowed grass smells)
5. celery (strings, texture, taste)
6. cauliflower (it's white. a vegetable should not be white)

Opinions? Things you don't eat you'd like to share? I'm waiting with bated breath. (baited?)


Eddie said...

I too can never decide on "bated" vs. "baited."

Comments on your non-food choices:
-Green peppers and cauliflower are yummy raw.
-Totally agree w/ celery.
-Radishes are awesome if you cut slits into them, salt them, let them sit, then eat them with a pat of butter over top.
-Collard greens = yucky.
-Beef jerky is only good on long road trips.

My own foods that I don't like:
-liver (shiver)
-onions that are fried in butter and piled on top of steak
-olives (ok on pizza, not so good plain)

Pigs said...

I kinda like liver. Especially chicken liver fried. It has that nice dry, salty taste. Ummmm....

Katie said...

Okay, I don't have the time to even begin to list foods that I don't like, and I wouldn't even know where to start. But, I must agree with Steph- I understand the "shiver" of eating liver. Blech. Unfortunately for me, when we were little, Ginny requested fried chicken livers on a regular basis. Since they were apparently super cheap, Mom happily agreed to make them ALL THE TIME. PITY ME PLEASE FOR HAVING TO EAT THEM!!!

katielady said...

Radishes and collard greens, blech.

Add lima beans and green peas.

But I LOVE cauliflower!

wanda said...

I agree with the radishes.(Does Steph cook hers before adding the pat of butter?)Celery cooked in things adds a good flavor, but I really don't care for it raw. Love cauliflower cooked and raw! My all time hated veggie is brussel sprouts-shudder- double blegh! They are BITTER!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, food! You knew I'd respond to this one. Foods I Refuse to Eat:

1. Any meat other than poultry or seafood.
2. Eggplant (love the taste but causes, um, severe gastrointestinal distress).

And it's "bated." :) Guess who?

Pigs said...

Well, at least we have the bated/baited issue solved. I just can't imagine which (semi-vegatarian/editor) friend of mine might have helped us out with that one!

Pigs said...

Ahem...that would be vegetarian. Excuse the invented spelling there.

Eddie said...

Nope, I don't cook the radishes at all; they're totally raw. I don't really like cooked vegetables.